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Claims Processing and Clearinghouse Services

FGA is a leader in Claims Processing and has been a leading clearinghouse since its inception.

Claims processing has been continuously evolving over the last 20 years. Providers find it difficult to cope with the changes in claims processing and hence seek the help of a clearinghouse. FGA is a dominant clearinghouse in the claims processing market.

FGA has a flexible claims processing product called KeyClaims. KeyClaims is great for providers who do not or cannot use a system to generate claim files. Paper claims are not a viable solution any more. Electronic claims processing through a clearinghouse is the order of the day. KeyClaims, FGA’s claims processing solution, offers the following options:

  • Manually key your claims directly into our system on an actual HCFA 1500 or UB-04.
  • Submit paper claims or worksheets to our office and our trained team of specialists will key the data into our system for you.

Claims are instantly edited against generic and payer specific claim editing criteria. No hardware or software is required to be installed for using our claims processing module.

Our claims processing solution, KeyClaims, reduces the headaches associated with managing paper claims by transforming the paper intensive process into an efficient electronic outsourced clearinghouse solution. Our clearinghouse service is one of the best in the industry.